Wire & Co

Wire & Co Consulting supports companies and individuals to increased competitiveness and sustainable high performance

At Wire & Co Consulting, we use our network of experienced leaders to support successful individuals and organizations, primarily in the Manufacturing Industry. We bring insights, tools and techniques to our clients so that they can leverage their existing strengths and resources to reach their targets, leverage their resources and achieve increased competitiveness in a sustainable way.

Some of the areas where we support our clients:

  • Facilitate teams and organizations through strategy and change discussions
  • Provide action-based business development programs
  • Provide tools for efficient product lifecycle management (PLM)
  • Implement sustainable business improvement tools
  • Provide execution tools for efficiency programs
  • Implement systems for ensuring performance management
  • Design tools for communication and involvement across organizations
  • Provide goal-oriented coaching to individuals and teams

We are passionate about developing organizations and individuals to their true potential. We know what ingredients need to interact to create great results: set direction – build engagement – manage performance.

"We are a team of consultants passionate about innovation and creating sustainable results. High performance is Wire & Co's experience and heritage. We are all senior leaders with a background from industry leading manufacturing companies."

Carl-Johan Skans, CEO and Founding Partner Wire & Co."